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"He is definitely a name to know and respect in the world of Soca music, in fact he lives it. "

- WESoca365

"Shouts to DJ Kaotic Int'l. Wicked selector and Soca curator ... "

- Bunji Garlin 

When it comes to Soca music, there are no seasons for DJ Kaotic International, the Soca Specialist.

The lone DJ to  specialise in soca music in Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of the genre that is now the sound of the Caribbean, Kaotic has been a rising star on the music scene. Kaotic, real name Kamau Harriott, was born and raised in Tobago and started deejaying at the age of 16. 

Apprenticing with the biggest sound system on the island at that time, he gathered all the skills required to make him one of the most versatile DJs in the country.

After two years in the business, professionals outside of Trinidad and Tobago took notice of the young DJ and he took on the name Kaotic International to reflect his global mindset. That strategic move led to a number of international collaborations. 


In 2000, Kaotic was invited to be part of the CO2 Productions, which included DJ Tony Tempo from Atlanta and DJ Slick from the UK.


In 2010 he was signed to an international contract with “Warrior DJ Coalition,” which was founded by international recording artiste, Wyclef Jean. He was the first signee from the Caribbean to be inducted into the DJ Group.


In 2011, Kaotic joined Toronto’s biggest sound systems, Gemstone International, which housed DJs from New York City, Miami, and Toronto.

At this same time, Kaotic was hired by the Vibe CT 105.1 FM and today commands the biggest audience on the frequency where he is heard from Monday to Wednesday 4 pm -7 pm and Saturday from 2pm -6 pm.
The Soca Specialist did not stop there. After signing with We Limin Promotions International, Kaotic linked up with Sound System Federation and The Too Tuff Media Group, collaborating and working on mixes with international DJs from around the world. Kaotic also works with DJ Spice and Team Soca, the #1 online Soca Radio.

In 2016, Kaotic was accepted into the Ground Empire, a collective of artists and DJs headed by Soca superstars Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons. 

Along his journey, Kaotic has racked up awards in recognition of his hard work.


In 2013, he won titles of Soca Radio DJ of the Year and Soca Mix CD DJ of the Year at the 11th Annual International Soca Awards.

Kaotic also continues to amplify his profile, particularly in the diaspora with his special mixes of the hottest soca music.
“Soca is happy music, when you’re sad it lifts your spirits. It can make you fall in love, basically it puts a smile on your face no matter what. That’s why I love Soca,” says Kaotic.
“I want Soca to reach some sort of recognised status worldwide. I’ll keep doing my part as a worldwide Soca DJ to make sure that happens.”

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